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“A true companion, the one that stays through the storm and lasts beyond time”

Since 2010 BIGMO has been striving to craft the best quality bags that could be worthy to be called “a true companion” for you. Driven to provide you the most reliable bag for your everyday needs, BIGMO are putting the quality & the functionality of the bags as the primary importance. For whatever voyage or adventure you are pursuing, we hope that you can experience it with your true companion.

Born in the midst of creative minds of Bandung, it makes BIGMO realize that each of us have our own path & unique journey. Drawing inspiration from that, BIGMO are not only focusing on the function & durability of the bags but also include details that aid your daily journeys. It is our way to be creative while maintaining fine regard for detail, in order to be your true companion.

BIGMO knows that to be worthy of a true companion, one have to proof one’s worthiness. It can be proven by seeing how they makes you looks good & shiny in front of others, or by how strong they stand still when you’re having your storm. We’ve done our part by thoughtfully designed the best bag for you, now it’s your part to proof whether or not BIGMO deserve to be your true companion. Get yourself a companion, mate.